The difference lies in the strategy itself

It’s the work we do, and above all, how we do it that adds value to who we are. Our multidisciplinary approach involves numerous professional roles, coordinated by a single and coherent direction following a predetermined strategic path.

From understanding the client to studying competitors, from the birth of an idea to the development of a plan, nothing is left to chance. We aim to create effective communication processes, necessary to achieve set objectives, by devising a tailored marketing strategy for each client.



During client interviews, we capture needs, concerns, and expectations. We aim to learn and understand everything necessary to get into the mood of the brand itself. This phase involves research and understanding of the subject.

From the target market, we extract signals, data, and trends. Opportunities emerge almost spontaneously. We prioritize the purpose.


Concepts, ideas, words, images, and media plans begin to take shape: that of the communicative DNA conceived to bring to life all the tools generated by it. We then define the strategy for your brand and outline its positioning.

We personally oversee all operational aspects, implementing every tool outlined in the project. A single direction, a single creative lab, with many actors and subjects involved. The visual solution achieved is the result of the previously defined strategy.

From theory to practice

In every job, small or large it may be, we put dedication, passion, and expertise. The projects designed for you by IDP converge towards one point: the shared marketing objectives, to take you higher and higher.

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