Celebrating 40 years by telling their own story

Today, knowing how to do things is important and almost taken for granted. Equally important but not so obvious is knowing how to communicate what one knows how to do. In some company stories, this aspect is constantly neglected, if not ignored altogether. This is the case with Gi. Di. Meccanica, a company rich in content that for 40 years has “forgone” communicating its know-how both internally and even more so externally.
So, IDP, contacted to conceive and organize an event to celebrate this important milestone for the company, seized the opportunity to recover lost ground in terms of communication, tracing its storytelling and identity.
The declination of the storytelling allowed the development of a whole series of activities focused on communicating the company’s DNA.
The first recipients of these activities were the collaborators, who immediately felt an integral part of the project, increasing their sense of belonging, and subsequently, institutions, partners, clients, and all stakeholders interested in the company. In other words, Gi. Di. Meccanica, with the support of IDP, has transformed both communicatively and strategically, the celebration of its past, into a manifesto of its future.

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