Storytelling in a commercial

To communicate oneself, one must first discover and then define oneself. This is the approach that IDP adopts with its clients, whoever they may be and whatever sector they belong to.

The process begins with the identification of at least three conceptual pillars that can best define the reality subject to this activity. Once identified, we proceed with the drafting of the storytelling, the backbone of all corporate communication.

In the commercial created for Gi. Di. Meccanica, we followed this path, starting with the synthesis of the 3 conceptual pillars underlying the storytelling, giving life to the new tagline:

cothinking – comaking – coldforming

Then, drawing inspiration from the relaunch video spot of Fiat, orchestrated and penned by Sergio Marchionne in 2007, we crafted the centerpiece of the commercial: an inspirational text, subsequently enriched with emotional images and video sequences, strictly in black and white.


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